Oknum Notaris Digugat : Diduga Menyuruh Tanda Tangan Kertas Kosong, Berujung Sertipikat Berpindah Tangan



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As the plaintiff, Desak Putu Semadi (72), Dewa Putu Susrama Ariawan (53), Dewa Made Panca Putra (37) who both have their address at Jalan SAM Ratulangi, Penarukan Village, Buleleng Regency, Bali sued the notary person with the initial GPKW with the address. in Jln Diponegoro, Seririt, Kelurahan / Seririt District, Buleleng Regency, Bali and I Wayan Adrian Rainartha Nugraha (21) having his / her address at Jalan Pulau Buru, Denpasar, Pekambingan Environment, Dauh Puri Village, West Denpasar District, Kodya Denpasar, Bali, as the defendant 1 and defendant 2.
These plaintiffs felt they were trapped into signing a blank sheet of paper which then appeared Deed of Binding of Purchase Agreement No. 07, Dated October 12, 2018, and Deed of Sales Authority No. 08, Dated October 12, 2018, and Receipt of Purchase of a piece of agricultural land, certificate of ownership no. 15 with an area of ​​7000 square meters. This plot of land was collated as collateral to borrow Rp. 150 million for 3 months with an interest of Rp 100 million.
As the plaintiff’s attorney, I Nyoman Sardana, SH, MH and colleagues who have offices in Jalan Teleng No. Singaraja 19A firmly said that this case had entered the trial at the Singaraja District Court on Monday (6/29/2020) with the agenda of reading a litigation, with the Chief Judge AA Sagung yuni wulantrisna, SH
The agenda of the trial: reading the lawsuit. Behind all this, it seems that there is a land mafia that needs to be eradicated. Because there have been many victims. “We want to knock the hearts of friends in the Buleleng Regency Notary Supervisory Board. Because in Singaraja, according to my observations there are many notary people who help the land mafia. So those who sit on the notary supervisor, so as not to just play in formal law. They must playing more progressive laws that have benefits. “he hoped.
Because those who have evil intentions, are seen to be assisted by notaries. “The logic is that, why a loan of Rp 150 million can control land worth Rp 2.1 billion. This is clearly a mafia. And after I advanced this case in court, many cases where people there are many modes, if I’m not mistaken until 3-4 cases.In the police, I also discuss with friends at the Buleleng Police Station.There are 2 reports that have the same case and also the same person. “Start holding surveillance that is a bit tighter and more serious. Likewise, don’t just play in formal law. Yes start with progressive law so that it is more beneficial in society.” he explained.
Further disclosed, the chronology of this case, originated from the plaintiff’s difficulties in funding issues. Furthermore, wanting to borrow money, is helped by some people who might be intermediaries. When borrowing money, you can meet a person named Ketut Sugiarta, a notary in Denpasar.
It was agreed to borrow Rp 150 million in a grace period of 3 months, return Rp 250 million. “For 3 months, unable to repay the debt, extended for 1 month. While paying off Rp 250 million, meeting with a notary with a stamp of purchase agreement. At the time The gods of Sedana with their children insist on not signing, because this is a matter of accounts receivable debt, not buying and selling, but they are still told to sign it. Finally, they want to sign, but reiterate “not to borrow money”, answered by the notary ” “This was witnessed by many people, including intermediaries.” The one month tempo has not yet been completed, we have received money from Mr. Dewa to return Rp. 250 million, but it has not been given, he said, behind the certificate name according to the notary. ” He said. “In the deed of sale and purchase Rp 150 million is stated. Whereas the total suave price of Rp 2.1 billion. Logically, where the land value of Rp 2.1 billion is only Rp. 150 million, just taken away. ” Sardana growled, GS

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